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This category contains whole range of food supplements for horses. The NutriScience® products solve common problems in performance horses which helps maintain joint mobility, in case of knocks, bumps, bruises and sprains, problems with buffers acid, soothes and maintains the stomach as normal.
This category is for pet owners who attend their vet with specific pet problems and also pet owners who don’t attend a vet, but want for their cat or dog something special.

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4 Facts about horses gastric problems

  1. 60% of foals have some degreeof gastric irritation from birth to weaning.
  2. Over 90% of race horses have (or get) gastric problems.
  3. 60% of sport and show horses have (or get) gastric problems.
  4. A highpercentage of horses with gastric problems do not show obvious symptoms.

How GastroCare helps horses?

  • GastroCare neutralises excess acid
  • soothes the gastric lining

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The unique NutriPet® products for health enhancement, healthy skin and a shiny coat in pets, solve problems in case of nervous or anxious pets, helps improve joint stiffness and there are complete multivitamin for pets especially for dogs and cats that are 'under-the-weather' or recovering from illness.

Supplements which provides the building blocks for hoof repair & growth, maximises equine performance, blood tonic complete with vitamins & minerals, for strung or anxious horses and of course complete electrolyte and energy supplements.